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by Jen Fox 1 min read

"But... what do I use it for?"

I get asked this question all the time!!

So, I asked my customers! Here are YOUR top uses for a zipper pouch:

1. Mini Purse for keys, phone, wallet, etc

Century Plant Zipper Pouch

2. Storing Chargers/Headphones

Rainbow Chard Zipper Pouch

3. Travel Case for Toiletries

Wildflower Zipper Pouch

4. Organizing Jewelry for a Trip

Hummingbird Zipper Pouch

5. Travel Kit for Kids Toys - great for car trips!

Goldfinch Bird Fabric Zipper Pouch


6..... Bonus Idea! Use it for essentials for that time of the month. Moms love gifting a pouch filled with necessaries for their daughter to keep in their backpack or locker at school. What a lovely gift to celebrate a special milestone!

Cholla Cactus Zipper Pouch

Photos by Truly Social



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