2020 Shipping Updates

Good news is....every single package and order is on its way. All orders that were placed by my ordering deadline of December 10th are complete.
Bad news is...sorting facilities across the country look like this. Scans aren’t always being done so it’s hard to track where your package is at the moment.
The plus side...through the entire pandemic, with crazy shipping...I’ve not had one single package get lost. They all eventually showed up.
Patience, grace, and understanding is needed this season. We’ve done our very best to get all your orders out quickly. Now we have to rely on our carriers to get them to you in a timely manner and I know it’s frustrating. They are working around the clock all over the country. Can you even imagine walking in to work everyday with the sheer volume of packages to deal with?!?
I’ve already “ruined” someone’s Christmas because their package hasn’t made it yet. 😞
I get the same tracking information you do in your shipping confirmation emails. I don’t have a secret back end way of making it get there faster or seeing something you can’t see.
If you are waiting on a delayed order, I am truly sorry. It is coming. Please be patient. I promise, these things do not “ruin” Christmas.