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Animal Guide Note Cards - Set of 4

5”x7" Offset printed on textured card stock with animal guide characteristics listed on back side. This is a four pack of cards, with one of each: Roadrunner, Pig, Coyote, and Donkey.

Rose gold hand-glittered accents. Each set comes with kraft paper envelopes. Tied with an upcycled decorative cord perfect for gifting.

Made in the USA.
Original design by Nicky Ovitt

There are four animals in this notecard set. Each card is blank on the inside & includes the animal traits on the back:

  • Roadrunner: Quick-witted, intelligent multitasker. A considerate, honorable diplomat & lover.
  • Pig: Keenly observant & sensitive listener. A restless soul & seeker of truth.
  • Coyote: A playful trickster & teacher. Mindful to not take life too seriously.
  • Donkey: Humble, wise, and determined. A steadfast and sure-footed friend.

Sprinkled with a touch of magic and frolic, each animal in artist Nicky Ovitt's Animal Guides series expresses their innate, symbolic characteristics. They are guides of sorts -- a reminder of the graciousness in all creature beings.

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